Did you know that our Damiana is the #1 finest herbal spliff mix that is 49% cheaper and gives you a euphoric feeling?

Benefits Damiana

Save 49% of your money

100% Addictive-free

Expires in 3 years only

Smell better for your environment and yourself

Our Damiana

Our Damiana is packed in a Re-sealable bagso you can use it over and over again. On top of that, we have #1 Damiana because the herb has been cut in the perfect size for using the Damiana which will give you the best experience

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    Damiana Sample

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    Damiana 25 gram

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    Damiana 50 gram

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  • Damiana

    Damiana 100 gram

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    Damiana 150 gram

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    Windproof Lighter

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    To Go Bag

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