Damiana Herb: The ‘Love Potion’ of the Mayans

Damiana Herb: The ‘Love Potion’ of the Mayans

Damiana Herb: The ‘Love Potion’ of the Mayans

What is Damiana?

Damiana herb is a shrub that can be recognized by its small yellow-brown flowers. Known by its scientific name Turnera Diffusa, it is native to South America, Central America, Mexico and can also be found in the southwestern part of Texas in the US.


Damiana herb has many uses as the herb has been known for centuries, especially as aphrodisiac. Today, however, the herb is regaining popularity as a non-addictive nicotine replacement. It is mainly used in combination with cannabis to enhance the positive feelings of a 'high'.


History of the Damiana Herb

Damiana has a long history of being used as an aphrodisiac. Literature, dating back hundreds of years, exists that vouch for the herb’s efficacy. Ancient Mayans regularly used the herb as an aphrodisiac and a hallucinogen. Documentary evidence, through Christian missionaries, indicates that the Mayans made damiana tea by boiling the leaves of the plant and adding sugar to enjoy the arousing effects of the drug.


In the 1870s, the damiana tinctures were widely made available in the US and were marketed as a medicine to cure virility issues and improve performance during intercourse. Needless to say, damiana is by no means a recent discovery as damiana use dates back many years.

Damiana Benefits

Damiana has many benefits. Aside from its traditional use as a natural aphrodisiac, the herb is known to have other health benefits as well. Some of these include:

  • As an aphrodisiac


This benefit has already been discussed as the use of damiana as an aphrodisiac has a long history, specifically among the Mayans and the Aztecs. It is well-known to improve sexual drive in men and women..

  • To alleviate depression


The Mayans were also known for burning damiana leaves as incense to relax and relieve anxiety and depression.Its relaxing properties have been used to cure headaches, insomnia, etc. This makes it the perfect addition to be used with weed, which has CBD that has similar effects on the body.

  • To treat urinary issues


Damiana has also been used to treat urinary and bladder issues. Taking the herb as damiana tea is especially known to be a herbal remedy for bedwetting problems. Damiana is known for being good for bladder function.

Damiana herb smoking

The tradition of smoking damiana also comes from the Mayans. The leaves of the shrub can be dried and used just like tobacco. However, the biggest difference is that the tobacco obtained from damiana leaves does not contain any nicotine. Nicotine is highly injurious to health as it is recognized as a toxin. It is harmful to heart health in particular and is extremely addictive.

Smoking damiana herb provides the positive effects of smoking tobacco sans the highly addictive properties of nicotine.This means combining damiana with cannabis produces the same euphoric effects as provided by smoking cannabis with tobacco without being addictive and harmful to the body..

Damiana is safe, natural, and highly enjoyable with and without weed. It is easily accessible and is a tried and tested way of relieving anxiety and stress.

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