Damiana Sample

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This sample contains enough Damiana for 1-3 times

Use around 0.7 grams of Damiana per portion

The sample will be delivered to your home within 1 working day!


Read more about Damiana in our blog.

Damiana Herb: The ‘Love Potion’ of the Mayans

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Benefits Damiana

  • Save 49% of your money
Damiana is 49% cheaper than other herbal mixes and with increasing taxes the benefit of Damiana will only increase.
  • 100% Addictive-free
Damiana contains no addictive substances and even has a relaxing, euphoric effect and is perfect to use as a herbal mix. Furthermore, Damiana can also be used as a tea.
  • Smell better for your environment and yourself
Because Damiana is a natural product, a natural scent comes from Damiana when using it. So the next time you come home you don't have to endure the stench.

5 reviews for Damiana Sample

  1. Roy -

    I tried the Damiana and it was well worth it!

  2. Gelina Sy -

    Great product, will share to others!

  3. Justine Jay -

    Amazing Product

  4. R. Johnson -

    Dont smoke that often but to replace the tabacco was something i wanted for a longer time. Quality pricewise a nice product, feels soft on the throat. Definitly worth the try.

  5. Luuk -

    Started with a sample and in the meantime 3 orders further… Top product! Recommended for people who want to smoke nicotine free

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