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Looking for the best rolling papers and filter tips in 1 package so that you have everything you need with you? Then Blowie's 2-in-1 packaging is perfect for you! Our Blowie 2-in-1 package contains 32 King Size Slim rolling papers with also 32 filter tips so that you always have both with you. From now on you no longer have to take your rolling papers and tips separately. We also ensure the best quality with our 100% Hemp rolling papers.

Your advantages at a glance:
100% Hemp for the best quality
2-in-1 packaging
King Size Slim format
Helplines folding tip

Why Blowie's 2-in-1 packaging?
It is important to have the right attributes for a perfect experience. As an experienced user, you naturally want the very best for yourself. Quality and convenience are central to us. Many users often forget their filter tips. With this packaging you will never forget your filter tips and you are fully equipped.

Made of the best material
Our rolling papers are made from the innovative 100% hemp paper. By buying rolling papers made from the hemp plant you make an environmentally conscious choice. The cultivation of hemp plants is less harmful to the earth. The hemp plant needs less fertilization. The water consumption of the plant is lower. In addition to the production of rolling paper, much more can be made from hemp.

Never forget your tips again
Our package contains 32 rolling papers and 32 filter tips. This means you always have your rolling paper and tip in your pocket. It also takes you much less time to search for your tips and rolling papers and everything is within reach with our packaging. The filter tips are made from unbleached paper.

King Size Slim format
We have your favorite format to have the best experience. The king size slim rolling paper is long enough to take a while and also fits just the right amount.

Easily fold your tips
Our filter tips have special serrated edges so that you don't have to mess with making the perfect filter tips yourself. The serrated edges indicate the folding lines to fold the correct 'w'.

100% Money Back Guarantee
We fully support the quality of our products and offer you an unconditional guarantee. If you encounter a problem or are not satisfied with the purchase, we are happy to help you. If you are still not satisfied with the product, you can return it free of charge within 30 days and you will receive a refund.

Number of pieces in box: 22
Number of rolling papers and tip per pack: 32
Paper material: 100% Hemp
Filter tip material: 100% Hemp
 Discreet Delivery

Order our discount box now and don't stress about forgotten filter tips from tomorrow!



1 review for Voordeelbox 22 stuks Vloeipapier + Filter Tips

  1. Jordan -

    Very good quality rolling papers and tips! Recommended for everyone!

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