Damiana + Rolling paper package dealDamiana + Rolling paper package deal

Magic Box

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The Magic Box from Blowie contains the MUST-HAVE items especially for you! This box contains the #1 Finest Herbal Mix named Damiana and 3 times the 2 in 1 Blotting Paper + Filter Tips (100% HEMP). Never forget your filter tips and rolling papers again with this handy 2-in-1 package. Shop now and save your money with this package deal!

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Medium Box - 50 grams, XL Box - 150 grams


Storage and Shelf Life

The Damiana can be kept until 04/30/2024. Store in a dry, cool and dark place.
High doses have been associated with certain side effects, including changes in blood sugar. People with diabetes and low blood sugar should therefore be careful. 
Save 49% of your money Damiana is 49% cheaper than other herbal mixes and with increasing taxes the benefit of Damiana will only increase. 100% Addictive-free Damiana contains no addictive substances and even has a relaxing, euphoric effect and is perfect to use as an Herbal Mix. Furthermore, Damiana can also be used as a tea. Smell better for your environment and yourself Because there are no addictive substances in Damiana, a natural scent comes from during use and also for the aftertaste. The next time you come home, you don't have to endure the stench of other herbal mixes.


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