Windproof lighterWindproof lighter

Windproof Lighter

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Our wind lighter is of high quality.

With this lighter you can light any object you want, no matter how hard the wind is blowing.

The flame goes out simply by closing the lid.


  • Jet Flame of 1300°C
  • Windproof
  • Refillable
  • Measurements (lxbxh): 7 x 4 x 1,5 cm
  • Works on lighter fuel

  1. Blowie Windproof Lighter
  2. How do you fill the lighter?



How do I fill the lighter?

1. Buy lighter fluid. You can take any kind of lighter fluid, but buy no liquid intended for lighting the barbecue.
  • You can buy lighter fluid at most drugstores or household stores. The Zippo liquid itself is recommended for optimal performance.
2. Open the lid of the Zippo and take out the insides. Hold the wheel firmly with two fingers. Hold the bottom of the lighter with your other hand and pull on the metal to pull the inside out of the case.
  • The wheel is that round thing that you turn with your thumb to make the flame.
  • The metal interior should come out easily, but if you've never done it you may need to pull a little harder.
3. Turn the metal interior upside down to expose the felt bottom. It says "Lift to fill". 4. Lift the felt layer with a paper clip to reveal the cotton underneath. If you unfold a simple paper clip and put it in the small hole, you can easily lift the bottom. 5. Squeeze some lighter fluid into the loose cotton. If you bought a large bottle or can of lighter fluid, you may want to pour some into a smaller bottle first to make it easier to control the amount you put into the lighter. 6. Wait 5 seconds and pour some more on the cotton. Repeat this step until the cotton is completely saturated 7. Close the felt protective layer again. Put the metal interior in the case.
  • Press it down well. Apply some light pressure to make sure it is secure
8. Let the Zippo sit for a while to allow the liquid to be absorbed for 1 or 2 minutes. In the meantime, wash your hands so that no liquid remains on them. 9. Light the Zippo.

7 reviews for Windproof Aansteker

  1. Jason -

    Does the job exactly!
    Opens very easily and the flame stays on perfectly in windy weather!

    All in all, good quality.

  2. A Raman -

    Perfect to use now with the nice weather to light my spliff outside!

    Quality is top and the flame stays on well.

  3. Sam -

    Very satisfied with this windproof lighter!

  4. P Stromma -

    Nice design and great to use as a storm lighter.

  5. Ed Veerman -

    Beautiful design and good lighter

  6. Fernando -

    Nice lighter with cool logo!

  7. Melissa Straver -

    Nice classic lighter and also works fine

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